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In exactly 30 days from today I will be offering a Heartbeat workshop in Bologna, Italy. Trova il tuo Cuore | Find Your Heart.

Honored to have been invited, to present this 5Rhythms Heartbeat map that I love so deeply and to be able to do it in my native language and precisely in the city where I was born.

No translation necessary. All I will need is to surrender to the flow and the power of this practice so to be able to navigate through the emotions that arise. Emotions are definable in many different ways and languages but ultimately they are the expressions of the body intelligence. We can explore them, sailing by the wind of Love, the invisible force that unify all humans without separation of shapes, colors or sounds. Of course other beings, even plants might experience emotions, but this time around I'll stick with "just" us humans.

Photo by Mali Maender from Pexels

Photo by Mali Maender from Pexels

Back to the roots. Back to the spot where I was born and where I experienced my first primordial emotions and reacted accordingly, as we all do in different, unique and yet similar ways. This will be for me a completion of a circle or better a spiral as I'd like to see my life three-dimensional. At least.

Growing up in that little ancient and vibrant city I did experienced my emotions fully, in depth and sometimes in excess. Furiously and desperately, ramming into the world with the enthusiasm and ingenuity of my trust in a total ephemeral immortality. With all my soul and body (anima e corpo) wanting to find my heart, looking for it all over, in any possible ways: in the light and in the darkness, in all kind of relationships with men and women, in gurus, in books, in mountains and forests, in substances and in daydreams, in politics, even in arts and in music, in love making, in creation and in destruction. To finally discover that my heart is right there, in my chest, where it's supposed to be. All I needed to do was to stop running and looking for it elsewhere. And all I needed to do was to quiet down and surrender to that relentless, perfect deep drum beat and let my breath sing a love song in tune with it and listen to that perfect harmonic, celestial, syncopated cathartic, symphonic composition that we call life.

Photo of Alessandro Moruzzi in Villa Paradiso, Bologna 1983 by Andrea Fabbri Cossarini

Photo of Alessandro Moruzzi in Villa Paradiso, Bologna 1983 by Andrea Fabbri Cossarini

But. It took me this long to be able to realize all of these. In 56 days I will be 69. If you find yourself on the similar path or search, on a quest to find your heart and all the power of it, I would have one simple suggestion: be patient. It took me infinite trials and errors to go through fear and to find courage, to be able to forgive and tame my anger, to let go of my “man's pride” and cry my sadness out, not to feel guilty to dive into joy, and even longer to embrace and be embraced by compassion. And still I'm working on all of them. Daily.

It took me many years of extreme attempts, navigating through confusion in many directions. And mistakes, where I hurt myself and others. For that I did and will always ask for forgiveness, understanding and compassion, as I learned to forgive, understand and to be more compassionate to myself and others.

My gratitude for the support and inspiration for being in this path goes to many, but it goes full blast to the 5Rhythms practice. To Gabrielle Roth, to her son Jonathan Horan and to all the other amazing teachers that led the way for me, to be now in a place where I can be part of this worldwide tribe of dancers, seekers, lovers, artists, and healers. I am forever grateful to be able to create and serve a thriving community with my beloved companion in San Francisco, the beautiful city we both live in.

In 30 days I will be traveling to my native land, bringing back not silks and spices but music and dances, emotions and hopes, and sharing what I've learned and incorporated in my life. Reconnecting with my roots and renewing the stream of life force that comes from all the ancestors before me. To celebrate the strength they passed on to me that made it possible for them to go through the struggles and survived diseases, poverty and wars. I am them and I want to make them proud of me at every step, as I’m offering this healing path to the lineage after me. Branching out as far as I can and offering Love and Compassion as much as I can. In service to this wonderful word we have been gifted with. For all of us and for all our future generations. We are one and we all came from the same roots. And we are all going to the same direction, as mysterious as that is.

Come and dance with me in my home land!

Honoring with fiery gratitude the land of my ancestors, the message of their hearts, embedded in my bones. My roots.

Dancing with our hearts in Bologna in Trova il tuo Cuore and celebrating the Fire in our bodies in Napoli in Il Potere del Fuoco

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AV Sydney rocks Australia.jpg

Antipodes are, as per definition from the Webster "Australia and New Zealand (used by inhabitants of the northern hemisphere)".

Well. I finally made it to the antipodes. Australia to be exact. They were in my bucket list, and because I was born in Italy I finally made it as far as I could, away from my native land. The second definition of antipodes is "the direct opposite of something". And as much as it is correct geographically, it's certainly not at all the experience I am having with the delightful people I have met, so far.

First thing first as we touch the Australian soil. Landing our bare feet on the sand and the ocean at Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia

First thing first as we touch the Australian soil. Landing our bare feet on the sand and the ocean at Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia

I am here as a 5Rhythms Teacher, together with my beloved Vehllia, holding our Heartbeat/Waves workshop Earth to Ether. I'm here, together with many beautiful souls and together we explored the elements and we stepped into them following the heart and the emotions that live in them. And the participation and the response was absolutely heartfelt and heartwarming. Earth in this continent is evidently powerful and the maps of the aboriginal artists are talking a similar language of the 5Rhythms maps. They are not coming from the rational and scientific view point, they come from the heart of wise humans with absolute connection with nature. Fire is in majestically made visible by the power of the sun and stored in natural colorful painting of the desert rocks. Water is all around and infinite beaches are bordering clear, alive and refreshing oceans, renewing and cleansing the shores and our bodies, surrendering to them. Air is the pristine kingdom of many amazing birds and buzzing insects and the sky is framed by Sistine chapels clouds. Ether remain invisible and mysterious but becomes palpable, if one stays open-hearted, in many magical incredible forms and shapes all around us.

Earth to Ether visual installation. L-R: Natalie Poole, Alessandro Moruzzi, Vehllia Tranne

Earth to Ether visual installation. L-R: Natalie Poole, Alessandro Moruzzi, Vehllia Tranne

Sunset on the Indian Ocean at Fremantle, Western Australia

Sunset on the Indian Ocean at Fremantle, Western Australia

We had a chance, before stepping into the delightful Melbourne, to travel a bit around this vast continent. We walk barefoot on desert sand and wash our feet in the clear waters of different Oceans. Too little time. There is so much to discover and to appreciate here. As there is so much to discover and appreciate all over in this amazing endangered planet. And there is so much to do to stop the crazy stupidity of some ignorant humans that cannot see what damage we are doing to this magical gift. So I am glad that I can travel and offer my two cents of love, respect gratitude and call into action to every possible corner I can visit and in every possible modality. I believe in the power of intention and I intend to be at service in any possible way to do all I can to give my grain of sand contribution to save the earth. And you can call me a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. We might be living in a dark moment, but giving up hope up on this, is at the antipodes of me.

Pinnacles Desert, dancing our bare feet on the sun-kissed land among the magical rock formations

Pinnacles Desert, dancing our bare feet on the sun-kissed land among the magical rock formations

Darkness can be the result of detrimental events, but the natural increasing darkness of the change of season can be an opportunity to meditate on our lives. Looking forward to dance and meditate with many of you in our celebration of the (Northern Hemisphere) Autumn Equinox: Inspired Darkness. Much Love to All.

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Stars, Falling Stars and the Night

Few days ago, I was peacefully floating in the healing warm waters of the Esalen baths. At night. Grateful to be invited, again, in this magical spot where the roots of the 5Rhythms are celebrated and thriving through the beautiful offerings of Lucia Horan. Proudly and humbly supporting and assisting her in a powerful, yet gentle, workshop: A Graceful Journey.

While I was in that end of the day state of bliss, meditating on the mind-blowing number of stars that form the Milky Way galaxy, I witnessed the biggest, most amazing and brightest falling star I have ever seen in my life, drawing, from as far as I could see from south to north, a super long, super luminous line of light crossing the entire sky on the background of a super starry, super clear night sky on a new moon.

Why am I still so super excited about it even now? It happens all the time. It's such a normal event to have starry nights and random anonymous rocks hitting our planets acquiring in their dissolution the noble title of falling stars.

This flying rock, silently, made me realize how much I miss the night, the dark sky and the light of the stars. This simple view of the depth of the Universe that we dilute and obfuscate too often with our artificial lights and devices. Our urban way of life. I am not against cities, progress and civilization and I am grateful for all the benefits we get from that, but the price we pay for it sometimes seems enormous.

Missing this visual and energetic connection with the depths of the Universe and the energy we get from lying down on the ground, surrendering to our gravity and and looking at the infinite is making us falling too easily in the trap of the alluring virtual amazement and the synthetic reality so easy to grab and consume. So we are diving into computer screens, light installations, fireworks and such. So we take more and more distance from the night, the darkness, the mystery of the creation and we forget the dimensional relation our body has with the tremendous, unimaginable size of the emptiness in between the stars. The Ether.

And our ego misses another natural daily chance to be checked and balanced. Did the falling star pointing at all the zillion stars in the milky way made me feel small? Yes. Did I feel minuscule and or insignificant? No. Quite the opposite actually. The fact is that, looking at that infinite darkness I strongly feel and believe that I am part of it. Actually: I am it. So I feel very powerful, amazing, ethereal and humble in the same instant.

I am a falling star. Appearing in the sky, drawing a bright line on it, and disappearing. Someone will see me, someone will not. Our life is just that. From Earth to Ether. Shining in my dance from the beginning, through the middle to the end of this existence, from the first breath to the last one.

From Earth to Ether.

We are all falling stars. All part of the same Mysterious Universe. Drawing luminous lines in the sky.

Let's turn the light every so often, let’s lie down on the ground, look up and silently ponder on how marvelous we are.

Then the sun will come back, as we give each other renewed smiles, receiving it all with grace.

If you are in Melbourne and/or know someone there, come dance a weekend of this magical journey together.

Earth to Ether: 5Rhythms Waves Heartbeat with Alessandro Moruzzi and Vehllia Tranne.

August 30 - September 1, 2019

We'll start our journey walking on Earth in Flowing and facing the primordial Fear. Going deeper in our inner power, we’ll embrace Fire, expressing our internal flaming energy in Staccato to confront our Anger. We'll surrender to the powerful waves of Water to deeply surrender in Chaos and release our Sadness. To enjoy Air and the communal celebration of our renewed lightness in Lyrical and find the ecstatic revealing of Joy. To arrive and dissolve in Ether, in the invisible, in the emptiness, in unity, in Stillness. To finally embrace Compassion. An end just before a new beginning. Join us in this travel through space, time and feelings, dancing the 5Rhythms, the Elements and the Emotions.

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independence day fireworks july 2019 blog.jpg

July is here.

And so is the fourth.

Independence day: beer, friends, BBQ and of course loud and colorful fireworks. All traditional celebratory independence manners, that as the dictionary would note, are showing desire for freedom. 


And don't we all desire freedom? 

And here we could start a long conversation, done many times in endless nights with friends, philosophers, politicians, musicians and artists. 

I am still committed to it, as I was back then, but now I go one step further inside myself this time. Into the invisible, into my spirit. And that's where I find my freedom clarity. That's the first step to start and then, eventually, move onto action for sharing and promoting freedom with the world around.

The words of Gabrielle Roth, once again, come to mind: 

“It takes discipline to be a free spirit.”

Discipline! Regular dancing is my discipline. Dancing my freedom with discipline. Following Gabrielle's maps, searching for the movements that free the parts of my body that have been enslaved and constricted by conventions, fears, impositions, proper rules, bigotry and religious stigmas.

To experience the connection with the earth, the fire within, the cleansing of the water and the lightness of the air. To discover freedom in my spirit.

Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose, says Janis Joplin. Oh, I love her too.

Happy Fourth!

Theatre Théâtre Teatro 

Alessandro thinking BW.jpg

“If our life lacks a constant magic it is because we choose to observe our acts and lose ourselves in consideration of their imagined form and meaning, instead of being impelled by their force.” ― Antonin Artaud, The Theater and Its Double

Growing up my very first love was music, then theater, now is dance.

I never really break up with any of the preceding lovers, I am a happy polygamist in this sense. They all go along very well, and our love making is absolutely ecstatic.

My very first instrument was an old metal bucket that I found in the basement of where I lived as a little boy. It was more of an underground bunker really, where my family actually took refuge during the many bombing of World War II. I was banging on that metal bucket with two sticks for hours, remembering ancient rhythms of my ancestors, chanting and humming improvised melodies. I was loud and I was doing it for a very long time. Nobody could hear me. It was my therapy. My way to survive a not so easy childhood.

Then I grew angrier and louder with my rock band, and I flew high with Led Zeppelin and Patty Smith. Then I read Artaud, I met Grotowsky, Barba, Kantor and the silence, the darkness, the mystery of the existence seemed to mix very well with the deafening feed back from loudspeakers. 

Alessandro fire breath BW.JPG

I trained my body and my voice to perform pretty bizarre acts on stage, in the streets, with costumes, naked, screaming, crying, laughing. Never judging what I was doing, just impelled by it.

Dance, in the shape of 5Rhythms arrived later. But at the perfect time. In the perfect place. Gabrielle Roth was born here. She loved Patty Smith and Artaud and drumming as much as I did. She loved to dance and explore theater in the same place where I started: Theater Artaud in San Francisco.

Alessandro theater Artaud June blog.JPG

So this month, June 14-16, I will have a chance to frolic and explore the depth of the powerful medicine of all of my loves: Music, Dance and Theater, in the same space. I will be supporting with all my heart, the work of Lorca Simons, a ground breaking ritual theatre lab Live Wire for the first time in San Francisco. She is naturally powerful, charismatic, compassionate leader and theater is in her blood and bones. 

In her words: “Lorca has an inviting energy and generous spirit that shines through all of her work. She exudes a no-BS down-to-earth Texan vibe that has been refined by her years working closely with Gabrielle Roth in New York and carrying the 5Rhythms torch around the world. “ I love working with big groups of people. There’s sort of a Grecian quality or style of theatre that, as Gabrielle would say, is about breaking down that fourth wall so that we have that really deep connection of each other’s stories and experiences. It’s through that kind of sharing and raw earthiness that I can create what I call a unified theatre experience.”

Adding your presence, on this journey of discovery, will make the experience even more profound and meaningful for all of us. I promise new amazing magical findings, and don't worry, the mystery will remain. I will meet you here.


May is Here

An Italian popular say reads: Forza e coraggio che dopo Aprile viene Maggio.

Find strength and courage and May will arrive just after April.

Not much of a discovery: time keeps rolling and that there is no way to stop it. And possibly the unpredictable future will not be necessarily easy. But, that old say wants to remind us that inside we can find our courage and our strength. Inspired by the strength and courage of flowers and plants, no matter of where their seeds land. The courage to live our lives, the strength to face the challenges, the courage to be ourselves and the strength to be a stand for it. Let's find them. Let's encourage each other to find them and to believe in ourselves. And to stand together more than ever, looking up to the future, no matter how bleak at times it might appear. So much darkness and stupidity, injustice and horrors are offered daily by almost all the media. Business is thriving on instilling fear and doubts on our future. Governments are counting on that to control and manipulate people and laws for the benefit of small elites. 

Let's not buy into that. Let's not succumb to the confusion and discouraging news, to the induced depression and disappointment generated by the action of a few greedy powerful sad humans.

Let's break through the chains of this induced inertia, let's shake off the dust of heavy thoughts, let's push ourselves up and sprout out with all the amazing energy we all have, deep inside. To reach for the sky, toward the light of the sun, breathing fresh air and drinking clear water, eating well, smiling, helping others, dancing. Giving deeper meanings to our days and to our existence, with simple actions and small steps toward a renewal of what's around us, this beautiful world that we can't let it be trashed by blindfolded humans. We can make a change, we can spread seeds of strength and courage. We can believe in human wisdom. I believe we can. I still believe we can. 

May Blog 2019.jpg

April (and April Fools' Day)

April Fools' Day.jpg

I will be missing my favorite April's Fools Day celebration in San Francisco this year: Saint Stupid Day parade.

It's a decade long traditionally funny, amazing and provocative way to start the month and somehow to start the beginning of a new year of foolishness. Over and over again, celebrating human stupidity as a sort of enlightening religion. Sadly so, serious stupidity is both consciously and unconsciously practiced by many people of any age, gender, race and social status in our world. I don't even want to start listing how many stupid choices, so tragically, many of us do, unfortunately affecting every one else too. This practice is specially evident in this unbelievable historical moment, where our major leaders are leading us, successfully so, on a horribly sad and ruinous path. 

april 2019 blog image .png

I am not home at the moment, I am in Asia. Ecstatically grateful to be invited to offer the 5Rhythms practice and hold space for a short but intense journey through the emotions offering here, in Singapore, my latest Heartbeat workshop, Heart Warrior. Very honored and delighted to be on the southern hemisphere, to explore and celebrate, together with this new tribe, the power of this practice that transformed my life. The power that this moving meditation has on the connection within ourselves and with others, discovering our own potential and supporting our personal growth in integrity with our personal truth. To find the out that we can change the perception of our existence and then, that ultimately it can be the very first step to contribute energetically and practically to a much necessary change for a world that is in need of compassion and justice, more than ever. In need of open minded, open-hearted people willing to support resolutely for the necessary changes of rules and regulations of stale old systems and beliefs that are taking all of us on a dark path of destruction. Moving Meditation for moving action, to stand proudly for equality, human rights respect and care for our environment. 

Heart Warrior SG 2019.jpg

In this last three days, together with an amazing group of people coming from many different countries, speaking different languages and stepping into the path of the heart, I experienced the willingness and the power that comes from the unified field of our existence and that reveal itself so clearly when the conditions are present. So I dance proudly with this beautiful humans inspiring each other to step as peaceful warriors on the path to fight the greed, the shortsightedness and ultimately the stupidity generated by too many insane leaders and way too many brainwashed followers.

I believe we can. Together. Step after step. Breath after breath. Moving toward the light. With Love.

Matters of the Heart

heart feet march 2019 blog.jpg

Last Fall I fell in love with my heart and many other hearts beating ardently in the chest of the delightful tribe of the Gorge in Oregon. Last month I embraced love in San Francisco and I was embraced by the bursting love of everyone in this home community, my family. And soon I will carry with me all of this emotional amazing support and powerful strength all the way to Asia, to Singapore, offering a weekend of what will be their first 5Rhythms Heartbeat workshop.

As a paladin of the Heart Warrior I will be standing respectful and proud of the honor and the commitment I made to bring my offering to the world. It is such a gift to be able to share this practice to many in the four directions. I am ready to step together with all the hearts that I will be meeting over there, into the journey of the emotions. Feeling already the inspiration that comes from that land and the ancestors that populated myriad of islands, navigated perilous seas and witnessed in awe the power of tremendous volcanoes. The history of that is still there. Deep in the bones and in the soul of the people. It can’t be denied, it can’t be hidden, as much as it can’t be let out of control. It’s a deep warrior power that resides in the heart.

It's not an easy and straight path. It takes time and courage, and openness. After many years of trials and errors, gurus and shamans meetings, explorations of many traditional and alternative directions, I am still learning. And, if nothing else, welcoming errors as another possible way to grow. Still learning how to give proper space and directions to all the responses that my body, mind and heart collect and process to transform my energy into action. Standing with the full energy of a peaceful warrior, with clear mind, strong heart and fluid body. 

The 5Rhythms is and has been my best map to step fully supported in all of this. 

Gabrielle Roth said: "The only way out is through". I would add: through it, over and over. Wave after wave. Breath after breath. Day after day. Life after life.

Dancing it all. Eternally.

Heart Warrior 5R Heartbeat Singapore 2019 .jpg

I Love February

Candy heart feb 2019 blog.jpg

February is when red hearts are pretty much everywhere. Flying balloons, candies, wish cards, t-shirts, jewelry and so on. The word Love is following or preceding sentences in every possible way. Romance is a must and so chocolate and champagne and flowers and...

And so here I am, bringing my contribution and my take to this celebration of Love

Love has been my mantra since long time ago. Not only the romantic love, that I enjoyed it and still do practice it very much, grateful to my adorable partner, but the one love that can be found in every instant of our existence. In every living being, flower, sound, color, poem, breath, song, dance and even in a grain of sand or a drop of rain.

I believe in Love. It is the most powerful and transformational energy that humans can experience. It is our life force, we all have it inside us, and we can fully appreciate it by embracing all our emotions.

Some of us might not see it, deny it, fear it, underestimate it, even reject it. That's when we would need to revisit our basic emotional map. To find out how powerful they are, how amazingly we can experience and relate to them, feeling, walking and dancing through them. Supported by the 5Rhythms practice and by activating dynamically the life force within us.

Embrace Love is the upcoming Heartbeat workshop I will be offering in San Francisco on February 15-17, supported by The City Waves.

EMBRACE LOVE Feb 2019 postcard image.jpg

Don't miss the opportunity to explore and embrace your emotions and to dance through them, to embrace your heart and the love that wants to flow through it. I’ll meet you there!

Sharing with you a testimonial from my last Heartbeat workshop in Oregon:

"How to describe my experience of Heartbeat with Alessandro Moruzzi facilitating? It was visceral, raw, pulsating and took me to a very clear place within myself...I felt my Staccato fire more fully within this workshop than I ever had previously. It was so rich and satisfying to witness my home community experience the Heartbeat Map for the first witness fresh tears, rage, grief mixed with laughter. How can I put into words such an exposure? I felt and saw a cohesive group connect, crest, break open, enter grace and hold each other throughout the process. I witnessed dancers speaking their truth, voicing their needs and being fully supported by Alessandro and the Heartbeat Map he has been steeped in. The words that seem the most alive within me as I reflect ~ naked, inspired and grateful." - Adrienne Lee, 5Rhythms SpaceHolder at Columbia Gorge, Oregon

"In Heartbeat we explore our emotions as energy, as power, as part of being human. Old feelings that have been locked in our limbs or caged in our chest begin to shake loose. We get comfortable with feelings, neither hanging onto them nor pushing them away.
The Focus: the spontaneous heart.
The Outcome: We can feel when our hearts are open, when they are closed, what all this has to do with love and how badly everybody needs and wants it." - 5Rhythms Global

To conclude I'd like to offer some quotes from Gabrielle Roth's Maps to Ecstasy, Chapter Two; Expressing the Heart | The Power of Loving:

Love is, essentially, the primal energy of all our emotions flowing.

Love is the healthy functioning of our whole emotional system.

The expression and release of our true feelings constitute the essence of loving.

Moving the body through the rhythms necessarily releases the emotions. Freeing the body leads inevitably to free the heart. Emotions need to flow like the blood circulating our body.

Express the heart, free the emotions to experience the power of loving.


Midnight. Always the instant where the day change.

On December 31st the change is even more evident. Marking the end, and the inevitable beginning of our calendar year. Just a practical convention. The Gregorian calendar was a mathematical invention done in 1582 to fix a preceding messy way to keep tracks of time, the Julian calendar. Still carrying some error in it. That got fixed, somehow, with the leap years addition. Other cultures use different counts, starting the count at other times and measuring it in different ways. However we ended up accepting this way, almost everywhere, to agree with each other, at least setting our clocks and calendar in sync with each other…


What is time anyway? Does time really exist? No matter on what numbers or definition of time we embrace, I can say that I personally experience beginning and ending, related to time. Over and over again. Year to year, month to month, day to day, season to season, full moon to new moon, sunrise to sunset, birth to death.  

So, let's agree that one "year" of our life has passed at midnight on December 31st. We experienced, in billion different ways, consciously or not, that passage from one year to another. That blink of an eye, instant of neutral suspension from the very official ending of 2018 to the very official beginning of 2019.  

One year has gone and another begins. 

What was gone with it? What will come after? 

We could meditate on the past and projecting into the future, creating more new year’s resolution.

We could make a lists of success and failures, joys and sorrows, ups and downs.

We could make plans and draw schedules and formulate proposition and intentions. 

I could, I should. I did.

All good. All commendable. All essential and proper.

But I also want to share how much I appreciated experiencing that blink of an eye in between years. 

That speckle of emptiness that is in between the in and the out breath. That invisible moment detached from the past and the future. 

The present.

00:00:00 was amazing. 

It was invisible, odorless, immaterial. It was nothing. It was emptiness. 

I was in it for eternity and I went through it in a blink of an eye.

The present.

I want to find it again into my dance, into my teaching, into my life. I want to live into that infinite nothingness and embrace all that comes with it and becoming fully aware that I'm in it. That I am it. 

Not only once a year. Not only at midnight. Always.

Dance all of this with me, with us. Let words and thoughts and theories and concepts dissolve in the ether. Come as yourself and dance in emptiness, in eternity, in the present, embracing that invisible dynamic energy that keeps all of this in motion: Love. 

all love is precious.jpg

Embrace Love. Love for ourselves, for another, for the world, for our lives. 

May this new year bring inspiration and clarity for all of us. And may the dance of Love guide us toward the brightest Light. Happy 2019!!!

The lamp is still burning

The New Colossus is still standing, the lamp still burning.

I hope.

Statue of liberty .png

“Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:

I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

- Emma Lazarus -

In the month of December, we somehow celebrate the birth of an ancient and famous refugee with words and decorations of Merriness, Love, and Compassion.

Jesus and his parents were refugees. The nativity scene, depicts a family who were looking for a place to stay, only to be told there was no room for them.

And so they encountered fear.

Holy Family.png

Even being harmless they were inspiring fear. Fear of the "others" , fear of loosing jobs, security, having to share wealth and space. With "the others".

And fear has been served in our relatively luscious lives. Daily. By the same civil servants that are elected to make sure that the very principles of our nation are respected. Fear of "the others".

Fear is powerful. And can be used to manipulate entire countries into horrific actions. History is full of blatant journeys of escalations to dictatorship and destruction of human rights. Destruction of freedom.

Fear. Going back to dark ages of empowerment of bigotry, racial and economic injustice and discrimination should generate fear. But that fear should also be transformed in courage and channeled into action. To keep going forward, step by step. Looking back and studying the mistakes of the past, with the full determination not to fall for that again.

For our lives, for the lives to the ones after us. For a brighter, thriving future of the human race, for the planet. And winter solstice. Stillness.


Let's dance through Fear. Let's dance Fear. Let's become aware of what's really a danger for the future.

Let's celebrate compassion, courage and Love. Embrace Love!

Together. No borders. No walls.


Tomorrow, November 2 is the Day of the Dead. The day we all gather to honor our ancestors. To meditate and remember them. To ask for clarity on our path, strength on our decisions, for courage and support for our integrity.

Our life, our existence, is the result of thousands of other humans before each of us that in many ways struggled, fight, cried, laughed and made love to each other so to continue our species and to persevere on an invisible journey toward a mysterious direction.

Our struggles continue and we still are in many ways in a very primitive and savage phase as humans, sadly so in an otherwise amazing possibility to live in a glorious heaven, to all get along peacefully and enjoy this fabulous planet and the wonder of human intelligence.

We all come from a long lineage of barbaric conflicts and cultures and some steps have been done to get in a true harmony with earth and with each other but in this moment it seems to me that we are actually slipping back into a dark and muddy slope. A tidal wave of stupidity and greed is looming at the horizon.

So much we can do, so much we do so much we don't. One thing for sure I keep doing is dancing.

Dancing helps our bodies, our minds and our hearts. It's a good medicine for solitude and for moments of hopelessness. It's a way to celebrate our life and our unity.

Dancing is magic and invigorating. Transformational and supportive.

Let's keep dancing, let's keep being together. Let's honor our lives and our ancestors.

Vote Blog.jpg

And on November 6 in the US, let's not give up our power. Let's go to vote for a better new world. 

We'll become one day the ancestors of this generation and we want to be celebrated by our survivors, in a better, more just and cleaner world, because we made a difference and believed in the possibility of true evolution. Let's be remembered as peaceful, strong warriors, paladin and dancers of Love.

Image credit: Julie Daley

This Fall I Fell In Love

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'Fall In Love With Your Heart' was the title of my very first Heartbeat workshop I was honored to facilitate. And here, in the beautiful Columbia Gorge, surrounded by rivers, waterfalls, mountains, trees, colorful autumn leaves and together with other 44 amazing hearts I adventured in a three days journey through the 5Rhythms map of the emotions.

"In the empty space between the beats of our hearts rest the essence of our deepest emotional being. A heart that surrenders to its feet fills a body that moves in its essential rhythmic beat." Jonathan Horan

And I, we, explored that empty space.

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We walked. We danced. We screamed. We cried. We laughed. We stepped in with our humbleness and vulnerability, showing ourselves openly and witnessing the others, with gratitude and full attention in a safe and welcoming space. Together. In sacred unity. Guided and supported by commune intents, reciprocal trust, deep respect and care for each and everyone's courageous heart that embarked in this journey.

So I also did (again and again) fall in love with my heart. 

I did have the opportunity to offer my own vulnerability, my imperfection, my full presence and my learning. And to navigate through this map trusting my feet, my breath and the rhythm of my heart. 

How can one not fall in love with his/hers/their hearts? And be fascinated by it? And desiring to take good care of it? And be inspired. And feel. Feel. Feel. Feel. Everything. 

And that. Of course. It's just the first step in our conscious life's journey. Moving towards Love for another. Towards Love for All. Toward Spirit.

Grateful for you all. Stepping forward. With more Love in my Heart. Ready to share it all. Again and again.

"Dance to fall in love with the spirit in all things." Gabrielle Roth

Giving and Receiving

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Giving and Receiving

On September 22, for one second, (exactly at 6:54pm) our planet's seasonal duality will be in perfect balance. Day and night will have the same length, the same value, the same influence on our astral system.

Light and dark, yin and yang, masculine and feminine, giving and receiving, sweet and sour, good and bad.

I see that as an instant of perfect stillness, in a perfect moment of exchange of giving and receiving. A stellar balance.

Then again they will differ in time. In our northern hemisphere, we'll start slowly slowly, day by day, getting into shorter daylight, stepping into autumn.

It's a traditional believe that light is celestial, positive, beneficial and associated with goodness. But I believe that darkness is not exactly the opposite. Darkness might induce fears for being associated with mystery and the unknown but it has immense value and ultimately it holds its own powerful radiance.

In darkness we can find unexplored inspiration, peace and softness, as much as in light. Inspired Darkness.

In darkness things might disappear but we can appreciate the surrounding favoring other senses, and actually it is only in the darkness that faint sparks of inner fire become visible. 

And if we could surrender and open ourselves to that, we could appreciate our internal sparks and see all the treasures hidden in our inner world.

Discovering and receiving our hidden powerful inner strength and giving it out to others, can be done embracing darkness. 

And so it is Practicing Compassion. 

Starting from that instant where light and dark harmoniously dance together in Stillness.

Summer Peaks

Still summer. Here. Still winter in the southern hemisphere. We will be jumping today, from long days to long nights, traveling, south of the equator. All the way to Peru.

I am always amazed at how just in a few hours of flight we can change season, temperature, language, food, attitude and so on. 

A few years ago it took me a few months of daily riding to make it over there on my motorcycle, from San Francisco. I actually rode from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. And going through Peru was one of my favorite part of the trip and I really loved it.

At the height of 7970ft / 2430m above sea level with the sacred Macchu Picchu

At the height of 7970ft / 2430m above sea level with the sacred Macchu Picchu

In a few days, Vehllia and I will be bringing our 5Rhythms teaching there, in a weekend workshop called Path to the Center | Camino al Centro.  Honored to be invited and excited to bring our sacred offering in that consecrated and venerable land.

North to South. In our Path to the Center. And of course bringing our ancestral connections from East and West. 

Path to the Center. Where the cardinal directions are just a way to embrace and to encompass the Universe all. The center is inside us. We are one with the Creation and with its mysterious immensity. I always loved the infinite sign: "∞". And I consider our universe, our existence and our spirit infinite. No defined beginning, ending, borders, no mine or yours and ultimately no explanation either. I love science, but I see the amazing discoveries we keep doing as a never-ending conversation that will in fact never end.

Camino al Centro 2018 Macchupicchu wall.jpg

So I prefer to dance. And our direction this time will be directly to the Center. To the Moving Center. To the discovery of our own truth. Through our movement. Connecting heart, mind, body and soul. To the Center.

Then we will be back. And we will bring with us spiritual gifts and discoveries from that consecrated and venerable land. And once again we will be offering our practice in another workshop. Earth to Ether. Navigating through the elements. Culminating in a full moon ritual where we will be honoring the mystery, the wonder and the power of our natural existence.

If you can't make it to Peru, join us for a post Peru workshop, in San Francisco on a full moon weekend. Promise it will be amazing!

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Fire and Fire

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The month of July is here. Here in San Francisco, we even had a couple of weeks of real summer weather. Streets in the City are so much less crowded and quiet, it feels good. Noticing that the Sun light has that eerie familiar amber color. The haze and speckles of ashes from the many fires around us are filtering the air. Fire can get out of control and be devastating but fire can also be the force we need to forge metal, to warm us up in the cold of winter or when activated inside ourselves; in our moving center, it can give us strength to stand up to affirm ourselves, to make the first step for change, for renewal, for peace and for justice. 

And in these days, in this country, in this confusing social derailment we need to stand up for this principles more than ever. For the survival of this beautiful planet and her endangered nature, for the right of all people, all people, to have a free and dignified life. For the children to be with their families and to be taken care of, together, in unity. We don't want to see children in cages, we don't want to build walls anymore, dividing people. We need to build bridges. 

We can rebel, we can protest, we can march, we can write to our representatives and be creative and effective with our daily choices and actions.

And yes, a lot of what we are seeing happening, outrage us, frighten us, sadden us and cause suffering. 

So here, once again, an inspiring quote from Gabrielle Roth.

"Turn your Suffering into Art, turn you Art into Awareness and turn your Awareness into Action."

Dancing is Art. Let's dance. Together. Rebelliously. Lovingly. Let your inner fire burst out in action!

Full Circle

Everything started with my own birth, right where I am now, at this time of writing.

Almost 68 years has passed and many stories I could tell.

But today I want to honor and focus on the emotions side of my journey on the planet. And the full circle of this.

In Italy we always favor the heart to the brain. And when we would get in trouble we would dive into it, totally heartfelt.

So did my mother, an avid dancer; when, very young and full of Joy, became pregnant with me, making passionate love to an even younger man who’s Fear of commitment made him run away. And so she struggled with the Anger of her parents and the Sadness of being alone. But alone she was not, as I was there for her, all the way. Many times gifting her with the troubles that a rebellious wild son can bring, but also stepping in the role of father when necessary. And ultimately holding her hand through a long illness, all the way to her death bed, fully embracing Compassion and witnessing her last dance, stepping gracefully through the ultimate threshold.

And now, coming out from an amazing deep journey of transformation on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Completing my 5Rhythms Heartbeat Teacher Training right on the day of the anniversary of my mother's departure.

Alessandro Heartbeat Eyes.jpg

This completion followed by an opportunity to teach a 5Rhythms class, in my own town, in my native language, the language of the heart. Renewed and recharged, completing another full circle of giving and receiving.

After the class, after the tears and the laughter, the drama and the quiet, I was invited to have a bite. And, they took me, without knowing where, right on the street were I was born. All around rubbles from WWII then, my childhood playground, gentrified nightlife hipster quarters now.

Same food, my food, same wine, my wine.

And then the T-shirt of our waiter got my attention. Another sign of my full circle journey!

Bologna-San Francisco-the world in between-and more. More dance in Italy during my time here.

Ending and starting again and again. Wave after Wave. Dancing with my Heartbeat more than ever.

With Love.

May Day Many Meanings


Today is May Day that is referred in northern hemisphere as traditional spring holiday, and in many cultures and traditions as the ancestral celebrations of spring into summer and many pagans variations of it. "Dances, singing and cake are usually part of the festivities." -from Wikipedia

May 1st is also international day honoring workers and that is something that might be seen as too close to socialistic tendencies to have it moved officially to labor day.

"Mayday" also is a code for request for help in distressed situations.

Many meanings that I would actually condense together in a moment of communal reflection.

It's great for our spirits and our bodies to tune with the change of the seasons. It's a wonderful moment to actually enjoy the nature around us, in this time of the year, in the northern hemisphere, when flowers are blooming and all the energy accumulated in the ground is bursting out with all the possible vital enthusiasm.

It's very much a great day to honor all the honest hard workers in the world. And in particular to extend extra gratitude and to pledge support to the ones that perform the most humble tasks, at the lowest, and sometime unfair wages.

And to send a Mayday to the Universe asking for a breath of sanity to refresh the heart and soul of so many individuals that have lost the memory of the concept of the unified field that has held us all together, animals, plants, elements.

May we start re-thinking of the way we treat each other and the Planet.

May we bring in way more compassion, respect and love for each other.

May we really believe in peace.

Imagine that.

Words, words, words. I'll celebrate today with all of that in mind, now and I will be dancing and offering my heart to it. Would you join me?


This time Vehllia and I are traveling in two very diverse places on this beautiful planet.

I just came back from Lapland.

We shared few hours together at home, a smile, a hug. 

Than she left and just landed in Peru'.

I was in dusty crystals of frozen snow, she is now in dusty hot sand dunes.

South, North. 

Earth has ice and volcanoes, ocean and forest and all kind of diverse being on her, crawling walking, swimming and flying all over. And that makes her existence so perfect, so majestic, so mysterious. And so fragile too.

How can we be so different, so distant and yet so connected?

It's a matter of fact that we it can't be otherwise.

Everything is connected to each other exactly because of the extreme differences.  

And seeing and honoring this connection and this interdependence is the key for the survival of this amazing life we all have.

We need the ice of the poles, the deserts, the forest and the ocean, we need clean air and clear water and we need to respect and preserve the balance of all of that.

We need to respect what is distant and different. 

We need to feel the connection with it. 

We need to respect humans that are distant and different.

We need to feel the connection with them.

We need to Love the other.

We need to feel the connection.


Fool Moon


happy fool moon2.jpg

So easy to make things appear different from reality. Our egg shaped moon is funny and harmless and nobody would believe it for a second. But it's so easy to spread foolish, deviant, fake news, images and ideas to millions of people. And so much of this is happening these days. So much damage is done by so many ruthless humans in search of power and control for whatever reason.

It's an ancient practice. Kings, priests, historians and charlatans have done and still do this for centuries and have created religions, believes, rules of laws and theories that unfortunately are still endangering the progress of human evolution, the society, our relationships. 

Fortunately there are ways to experience how to be together and be ourselves without the need to appear different or to create any type of image.

And our way to do that is dancing together regularly and holding a safe space where we can be true to ourselves. To create a space and time together where spontaneity and sincerity are all what count, and being who we really are is the first step to clarity, empowerment and freedom.

To be ourselves, to renew, to grow stronger and to make a difference in this foolish world.