Monday is our day off. Usually but not always. Last Monday Vehllia and I drove up to Mount Tamalpais, hiking through the Cataract Trail. Boots, a light backpack, some water some snacks. Big smiles. Breathing.

In 5 hours of hiking we met maybe a total of a dozen of people. A glance, a nod and so much silent respect for the communal desire to be out there in sacred land, mother nature. Away from our amazing and over complicated and complacent civilization.  And for a long time all we were hearing was the sound of the water. Sometime very subtle and soft, sometime quite roaring and strong. 

A delightful nature recharge, less than one hour from our City turf. What a blessed place we live in. So much overwhelming abundance of everything and then the abundance of simplicity.


I believe in the power of it.


What's more simple than water and gravity? What's more simple than clouds carrying soft rain landing on meadows and trees, forming thousand of gargling rivulets of water converging in serpentine paths to form a creek. Then running faster in steep terrain and falling and falling, dancing on the rocks, washing away dirt, old leaves. To finally slow down to a rest in the lake, where the reflection of trees and clouds finds its perfect counterpart.

I see the map of our 5Rhythms Wave in it. Once again, a natural and simple sequence of rhythms and energies. 

I recognize the power of the Simplicity of our practice. And I bath in it, I breath it, I renew myself. Over and over.

With simplicity. 


Over and over.

Just like rain and waterfalls.