This time Vehllia and I are traveling in two very diverse places on this beautiful planet.

I just came back from Lapland.

We shared few hours together at home, a smile, a hug. 

Than she left and just landed in Peru'.

I was in dusty crystals of frozen snow, she is now in dusty hot sand dunes.

South, North. 

Earth has ice and volcanoes, ocean and forest and all kind of diverse being on her, crawling walking, swimming and flying all over. And that makes her existence so perfect, so majestic, so mysterious. And so fragile too.

How can we be so different, so distant and yet so connected?

It's a matter of fact that we it can't be otherwise.

Everything is connected to each other exactly because of the extreme differences.  

And seeing and honoring this connection and this interdependence is the key for the survival of this amazing life we all have.

We need the ice of the poles, the deserts, the forest and the ocean, we need clean air and clear water and we need to respect and preserve the balance of all of that.

We need to respect what is distant and different. 

We need to feel the connection with it. 

We need to respect humans that are distant and different.

We need to feel the connection with them.

We need to Love the other.

We need to feel the connection.