Stars, Falling Stars and the Night

Few days ago, I was peacefully floating in the healing warm waters of the Esalen baths. At night. Grateful to be invited, again, in this magical spot where the roots of the 5Rhythms are celebrated and thriving through the beautiful offerings of Lucia Horan. Proudly and humbly supporting and assisting her in a powerful, yet gentle, workshop: A Graceful Journey.

While I was in that end of the day state of bliss, meditating on the mind-blowing number of stars that form the Milky Way galaxy, I witnessed the biggest, most amazing and brightest falling star I have ever seen in my life, drawing, from as far as I could see from south to north, a super long, super luminous line of light crossing the entire sky on the background of a super starry, super clear night sky on a new moon.

Why am I still so super excited about it even now? It happens all the time. It's such a normal event to have starry nights and random anonymous rocks hitting our planets acquiring in their dissolution the noble title of falling stars.

This flying rock, silently, made me realize how much I miss the night, the dark sky and the light of the stars. This simple view of the depth of the Universe that we dilute and obfuscate too often with our artificial lights and devices. Our urban way of life. I am not against cities, progress and civilization and I am grateful for all the benefits we get from that, but the price we pay for it sometimes seems enormous.

Missing this visual and energetic connection with the depths of the Universe and the energy we get from lying down on the ground, surrendering to our gravity and and looking at the infinite is making us falling too easily in the trap of the alluring virtual amazement and the synthetic reality so easy to grab and consume. So we are diving into computer screens, light installations, fireworks and such. So we take more and more distance from the night, the darkness, the mystery of the creation and we forget the dimensional relation our body has with the tremendous, unimaginable size of the emptiness in between the stars. The Ether.

And our ego misses another natural daily chance to be checked and balanced. Did the falling star pointing at all the zillion stars in the milky way made me feel small? Yes. Did I feel minuscule and or insignificant? No. Quite the opposite actually. The fact is that, looking at that infinite darkness I strongly feel and believe that I am part of it. Actually: I am it. So I feel very powerful, amazing, ethereal and humble in the same instant.

I am a falling star. Appearing in the sky, drawing a bright line on it, and disappearing. Someone will see me, someone will not. Our life is just that. From Earth to Ether. Shining in my dance from the beginning, through the middle to the end of this existence, from the first breath to the last one.

From Earth to Ether.

We are all falling stars. All part of the same Mysterious Universe. Drawing luminous lines in the sky.

Let's turn the light every so often, let’s lie down on the ground, look up and silently ponder on how marvelous we are.

Then the sun will come back, as we give each other renewed smiles, receiving it all with grace.

If you are in Melbourne and/or know someone there, come dance a weekend of this magical journey together.

Earth to Ether: 5Rhythms Waves Heartbeat with Alessandro Moruzzi and Vehllia Tranne.

August 30 - September 1, 2019

We'll start our journey walking on Earth in Flowing and facing the primordial Fear. Going deeper in our inner power, we’ll embrace Fire, expressing our internal flaming energy in Staccato to confront our Anger. We'll surrender to the powerful waves of Water to deeply surrender in Chaos and release our Sadness. To enjoy Air and the communal celebration of our renewed lightness in Lyrical and find the ecstatic revealing of Joy. To arrive and dissolve in Ether, in the invisible, in the emptiness, in unity, in Stillness. To finally embrace Compassion. An end just before a new beginning. Join us in this travel through space, time and feelings, dancing the 5Rhythms, the Elements and the Emotions.

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