May is Here

An Italian popular say reads: Forza e coraggio che dopo Aprile viene Maggio.

Find strength and courage and May will arrive just after April.

Not much of a discovery: time keeps rolling and that there is no way to stop it. And possibly the unpredictable future will not be necessarily easy. But, that old say wants to remind us that inside we can find our courage and our strength. Inspired by the strength and courage of flowers and plants, no matter of where their seeds land. The courage to live our lives, the strength to face the challenges, the courage to be ourselves and the strength to be a stand for it. Let's find them. Let's encourage each other to find them and to believe in ourselves. And to stand together more than ever, looking up to the future, no matter how bleak at times it might appear. So much darkness and stupidity, injustice and horrors are offered daily by almost all the media. Business is thriving on instilling fear and doubts on our future. Governments are counting on that to control and manipulate people and laws for the benefit of small elites. 

Let's not buy into that. Let's not succumb to the confusion and discouraging news, to the induced depression and disappointment generated by the action of a few greedy powerful sad humans.

Let's break through the chains of this induced inertia, let's shake off the dust of heavy thoughts, let's push ourselves up and sprout out with all the amazing energy we all have, deep inside. To reach for the sky, toward the light of the sun, breathing fresh air and drinking clear water, eating well, smiling, helping others, dancing. Giving deeper meanings to our days and to our existence, with simple actions and small steps toward a renewal of what's around us, this beautiful world that we can't let it be trashed by blindfolded humans. We can make a change, we can spread seeds of strength and courage. We can believe in human wisdom. I believe we can. I still believe we can. 

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May Day Many Meanings


Today is May Day that is referred in northern hemisphere as traditional spring holiday, and in many cultures and traditions as the ancestral celebrations of spring into summer and many pagans variations of it. "Dances, singing and cake are usually part of the festivities." -from Wikipedia

May 1st is also international day honoring workers and that is something that might be seen as too close to socialistic tendencies to have it moved officially to labor day.

"Mayday" also is a code for request for help in distressed situations.

Many meanings that I would actually condense together in a moment of communal reflection.

It's great for our spirits and our bodies to tune with the change of the seasons. It's a wonderful moment to actually enjoy the nature around us, in this time of the year, in the northern hemisphere, when flowers are blooming and all the energy accumulated in the ground is bursting out with all the possible vital enthusiasm.

It's very much a great day to honor all the honest hard workers in the world. And in particular to extend extra gratitude and to pledge support to the ones that perform the most humble tasks, at the lowest, and sometime unfair wages.

And to send a Mayday to the Universe asking for a breath of sanity to refresh the heart and soul of so many individuals that have lost the memory of the concept of the unified field that has held us all together, animals, plants, elements.

May we start re-thinking of the way we treat each other and the Planet.

May we bring in way more compassion, respect and love for each other.

May we really believe in peace.

Imagine that.

Words, words, words. I'll celebrate today with all of that in mind, now and I will be dancing and offering my heart to it. Would you join me?