Vehllia Tranne is a Certified 5Rhythms® Teacher Accredited by 5RTA (5Rhythms Teachers Association) for Waves, and in training for Heartbeat level. She is Co-Founder of The City Waves™ San Francisco, Yoga Teacher Certified by Yoga Tree SF, and initiated into the tradition of stick divination of Dagara people. Vehllia has been celestially dancing before even learning to walk. She was born in Java, around the Ring of Fire, proud of her mixed heritage and dragon powers. She is a passionate healer, courageous shapeshifter, compassionate community leader, loyal partner and natural teacher.

After spending all of her life seeking for inner peace and a clearer purpose traveling through and living in many countries, weaving both Eastern and Western cultures, she was guided to transform her life to a more spiritually based existence by a chance encounter with the 5Rhythms. This magical cosmic convergence rocked her world, igniting and inspiring her renewed passion for dance as a tool for self-discovery, healing and transformation. Her connection with her volcanic ancient ancestral land is evident in her grounded powerful flowing and it's a sacred gift for all of us.

Vehllia’s teaching style reflects her spontaneity, her sincere love for life, and her mesmerizing voice body, expressed beautifully in her inspirational dance offering to anyone interested in a deep transformational exploration of self through moving meditation. She is largely inspired by nature and the elements, and infused her teaching with intuitive shamanic lineage from both her maternal and paternal ancestors. She currently resides in San Francisco, teaches around the Bay Area and around the world.

All of her class and workshop hours count as Waves on the 5Rhythms Dancing Path towards Teacher Training.