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WITCHES' BREW: a 5Rhythms Healing Journey for Women

  • Zaccho Dance Theater 1777 Yosemite Avenue San Francisco, CA, 94124 United States (map)

The Witches’ Brew is a magical concoction of dance, art, movement, energy, and storytelling facilitated by a collective of women who are passionate about their offerings. This potent workshop is for self-identified women who desire an intuitive and mystical journey through waves of 5Rhythms Dance, Dynamic Body Awareness, Reiki, and Expressive Art. Please join us for this empowering day of sisterhood, uniquely blended to enhance your consciousness and awaken your body, heart, mind, and spirit.

The Facilitators:

Vehllia Tranne is a Certified 5Rhythms® Teacher Accredited by 5RTA (5Rhythms Teachers Association) for Waves, and in training for Heartbeat level. She is Co-Founder of The City Waves™ San Francisco. Vehllia has been celestially dancing before even learning to walk. She is a passionate healer, courageous shape-shifter, compassionate community leader, loyal partner and natural teacher. Vehllia’s teaching style reflects her spontaneity, her sincere love for life, and her mesmerizing voice body, expressed beautifully in her inspirational dance offering to anyone interested in a deep transformational exploration of self through moving meditation. She is largely inspired by nature and the elements, and infused her teaching with intuitive shamanic lineage from both her maternal and paternal ancestors. She currently resides in San Francisco, teaches around the Bay Area and around the world. The hours of this workshop qualify for the Waves and Elective requirements for the 5Rhythms Teacher Training.

Karen Slovak is a San Francisco based artist and California credentialed art teacher with over 15 years of teaching experience. She creates paintings, textile designs, and murals. Whimsical city scenes and figurative dreamscapes are some of the themes she explores in her work. Karen has facilitated classes for children, adults, and seniors in school, hospital, and community center settings. She loves using art to build community and foster self-expression. Originally from New York, Karen trained at the School of Visual Arts and graduated from SUNY Purchase. Whether working on her own canvases or teaching art to others, Karen brings a playful and process oriented approach to creating. She is also a yoga teacher and a devoted student of the 5Rhythms.

Karen will lead you on a journey through the body’s energetic and structural landscape using gesture, figure, and contour drawing. You’ll be guided by the common language of visual art and dance to create a layered mixed media painting to take home. Echoing the day’s unfolding, your creation will reveal, evolve, and transform. Basic instructions on media and drawing will be given. Materials are provided and include: charcoal, pastels, acrylic paint, and paper. **Please bring a small object that represents healing to you. It will be for your personal use in creating a healing symbol. 

Simone Jude is a change-making filmmaker by day and energy mover by night. Simone is certified in Reiki, the healing technique of channeling energy to promote well-being and balance in the body. 

The daughter of a Catholic priest and nun, Simone comes from a lineage of healers and spiritual rebels. Simone is also a 5Rhythms dancer and devotee within the San Francisco dance community, The City Waves. Passionate about making a positive impact on the world, Simone's films shine a light on those working towards a more equitable and just society for women, people of color, and LGBTQ communities. Simone believes that by harnessing the healing powers of Reiki and 5Rhythms dance, we foster the balance and strength within ourselves and each other to create the change we want to see in the world.

Bettina Neumann is a healer, mother, mover, conscious 5Rhythms dancer, artist, traveler, creator, teacher and a lifetime soul searcher. In her professional life she is a Physical Therapist with more than 30 years of practice, a Craniosacral Therapist, and a Pilates Instructor. She was originally trained in Germany and practices today in her acclaimed private practice, Rising Sun Physical Therapy®, in San Francisco.

Bettina will lead an explorative journey, from your breath through your pelvic floor, connecting upper and lower body. With increased consciousness, sharpened senses, and exploration of new movement patterns, you will gain a greater understanding of how you can reduce your risk for injuries as a mover and dancer in daily life. She is dedicated to bring more awareness and presence to everybody’s life, and reduce the risk of injuries. Her experience is that sedentary and non-dynamic lifestyles are responsible for most illnesses and diseases, including our habits and how we move and carry ourselves through life. 

Early Bird (Paid in full by September 21): $95 (cash/check) ; $98.80 (credit card)
Full Price (After September 21): $125 (cash/check) ; $130 (credit card)

10% off the full price for Senior (65+) and Student with valid ID. 15% off the full price for 5RTA Teacher. Limited Work Study option is available. Please email: to register for this special rate.

What’s included: 5Rhythms dance sessions, painting sessions (art material included, and you get to take home your own paintings), reiki sessions, dynamic body awareness sessions, rituals, lots of connection with other women in the workshop

Please register early. Space is limited.

Witches' Brew


Workshop Schedule:
Saturday, October 12  11:00am - 6:00pm

Zaccho Dance Theater
1777 Yosemite Ave
San Francisco, CA 94124

Directions and Parking